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9 months ago

Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. Announces FDA Approval of the ORBERATM Intragastric Balloon, a Non-Surgical Solution to Assist Patients in Weight Loss

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., a leader in minimally invasive endoscopic surgical products for bariatric and gastrointestinal procedures, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon to assist adult patients suffering from obesity - with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 - in losing and maintaining weight.

The ORBERA balloon is part of the ORBERATM Managed Weight Loss System, a comprehensive, non-surgical two-part program that includes a balloon filling space in a patients stomach to reinforce proper portion control. Data on ORBERA collected

9 months ago

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Practice Promotes Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants | Reuters

PR Newswire

ATLANTA, Sept. 1, 2015

ATLANTA, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Breast implant technology is constantly evolving, and women pursuing breast augmentation surgery have more options than ever. The newest addition, highly cohesive silicone gel implants, is quickly gaining popularity for its natural look and feel, decreased complication rate, and quick results. These form-stable, shaped gel silicone implants are often referred to as "gummy bear implants" because of their texture, which resembles the firm yet pliable consistency of gummy bear candies.

"There are several benefits to shaped gel implants, including increased safety and a more natural look," says Dr. Paul D. Feldman, one of the board certified plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetics. "For the right patient, these implants can offer a beautiful, long-lasting result."

The texture, placement technique, and highly cohesive gel of these implants make them one of the safer options currently available. According to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Edward S. Gronka, there is a lower complication rate, including a decreased risk of capsular contracturea condition that involves the painful development of scar tissue that can tighten and squeeze the breast implant. "Capsular contracture continues to be a concern for breast augmentation patients, though this uncomfortable condition is becoming increasingly rare," states Dr. Gronka. "Shaped gel implants further lessen the risk, giving many women increased peace of mind."

Additionally, shaped gel implants offer a number of aesthetic benefits for the right patient. Although these implants are firmer than previous generations, the cohesive silicone gel provides a stable though flexible consistency that resembles the look and feel of natural breast tissue. The shape and texture of the implant also reduces the risk of rippling and implant visibility, particularly for more petite patients.

"While highly cohesive silicone gel implants aren't the right fit for everyone, there are a number of women who benefit greatly from them," says board certified surgeon Joseph Raniere, Jr., M.D. points out. "Women without much natural breast tissue, athletes, and breast reconstruction patients are all wonderful candidates."

A benefit all patients can enjoy is the reduced recovery timeline: gummy bear implants offer faster visible results and don't require the usual six month settling period typical of other implants. Over time, they are also less likely to rupture, collapse, or develop other long-term complications that can arise.

"Patients interested in gummy bear breast implants in Atlanta should first and foremost schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon," says Joel M. Stewart, Jr. M.D. "A thorough consultation with an experienced surgeon is the best way to determine if a patient is a good match for highly cohesive breast implants."

About Advanced Aesthetics, PC: Advanced Aesthetics is one of the most successful Atlanta-area cosmetic surgery practices, with offices in four south Atlanta locations: Fayetteville, LaGrange, McDonough, and Newnan. Advanced Aesthetics and Truffles MediSpa share the building at One Prestige Park, 874 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 100, Fayetteville, GA 30214. They can be reached by phone at 770-461-4000 or at their website.

Media Contact: Dr. Edward S. Gronka, Advanced Aesthetics, PC, 770-461-4000,

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10 months ago

Fired medical marijuana researcher loses appeal to keep university job

TUCSON, Ariz. A fired University of Arizona professor who was studying the effects of medical marijuana on military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder has lost an appeal to regain her job.

Suzanne Sisley was let go last month because funding for part of the work she did with the medical school was running out and because the telemedicine program she worked with is shifting direction, the university said in a letter. Sisley claims she was targeted by conservative state legislators who disapproved of her research.

Sisley had federal approval to conduct the controlled study.

Sisley and her supporters will ask the Arizona Board of Regents to help her find a new home for the study. She is hoping to work with Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University.

11 months ago

ObamaCare vs. neglect --what's better for your health?

Most Americans -- even those who are legislators -- know very little about the details of President Obamas Affordable Care Act, so-called "ObamaCare." Next year, when it goes into effect, we will learn the hard way.

Many people lazily assume that the law will do roughly what it promises: give insurance to the uninsured and lower the cost of health care by limiting spending on dubious procedures.

Dont count on it.

Consider just the complexity: The act itself is more than 906 pages long, and again and again in those 906 pages are the words, the Secretary shall promulgate regulations ...


Secretary refers to Secretary of Health and Human Services Ka

11 months ago

It's Advisable Never To Ditch The Dentist

It's been a busy day for Yelp, as the River Bluff Dentistry is being propounded with negative reviews after W Palmer, probably the most hated dentist from Minnesota and in the United States, paid a private safari group $55,000 to kill Cecil the lion following your handsome cat was lured out of the Hwange National Park inside the Gwayi Conservancy where he ended up protected. Your Oxfordshire dentist will discuss who may be best suited to do the job in your particular case. When I'm wanting to locate a dentist in my area that may meet my needs, I always consider the following things: Where is dentist's office located? If the office is a long way away or has limited parking, then this can be a

11 months ago

Beyoncé Admits: 'I Have Struggled Since a Young Age With Diets'

Beyonc is opening up how she stays in such great shape.

The singer sticks to a plant-based diet outlined by exercise physiologist Marco Borges in his new book "The 22-Day Revolution."

"I am not naturally the thinnest woman," she said on "Good Morning America. "And I have struggled since a young age with diets. And finding something that actually works and actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me."

The plan is based on the theory that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Borges, who created a meal delivery system with the singer, advises clients to go vegan and avoid gluten, alcohol and soy for 22 days. Weight loss is a byproduct of the plan, but the main focus is to improve one's health. According to the performer, there are other perks as well.

"I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot tighter than when I Hoodia weight loss deprived myself of food," she said. "[And, I] got the weight off fast, and the weight stayed off."

12 months ago


Al DeLuise

A few years ago I woke up, opened my eyes, and was petrified to find myself blind in my right eye. It was like a painted window, there was no sunlight except for a small sliver that fell in at the top. I rubbed my eyes, but no change. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror. Everything looked fine on the outside, but still nothing.

12 months ago

Finding The Best Dentist In Lincolnshire And Beyond

Choosing the best cosmetic dentist, one with extensive training, substantial experience plus a gentle approach that understands clients' needs, is the key to achieving a successful outcome-a gorgeous new smile! Below are a handful of guidelines compiled from patients for successfully picking a cosmetic dentist. If you are currently without a dentist then you definitely should start considering finding one because having good teeth is essential in the event you want to be free from problems and pain later on in life. Does the mere thought of going to the dentist make you uneasy? Do you routinely put off important dental work because of an irrational fear about the entire process? You are not

1 year ago

IKARUS project sees new opportunities for laser eye surgery

The impact of femtosecond laser sources in ophthalmology has been considerable, and opened up a substantial market sector that continues to expand.

That growth has taken San Diego lasik place as procedures such as cataract surgery and laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) have embraced the use of ultra-fast sources as a means to assist surgeons and improve clinical outcomes.

But some other established ophthalmic procedures, as well as some specific eye diseases, have not to date been as automatically well-suited to the adoption of femtosecond tools.

A new collaborative project between Laser Zentrum Hanover (LZH) and four research partners aims to expand the range of opportunities available for laser-assisted ophthalmology, by examining how femtosecond sources in combination with optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics can be combined in new and beneficial strategies.

Christened IKARUS - from "innovative cataract, presbyopia and retinal treatment using ultrashort laser pulses" - the project involves LZH alongside optics designers QIOPTIQ Photonics, laser-scanner specialists ARGES, and the Laserforum Kln for clinical consulting. ROWIAK are acting as system manufacturers.

Seeing more deeply

One target is presbyopia, the unwelcome progressive inability to focus the lens of the eye which comes naturally to almost the entire population with age.

Using lasers to directly treat presbyopia by cutting gently into the lens has been a potential route to easing the symptoms for some time; the laser can create deliberate slip planes within the lens, helping to restore some of the lost flexibility. But this involves cutting much more deeply into the fragile tissues of the eye than in a relatively surface-level procedure such as LASIK.

The key to success is to image deep enough into the eye, effectively visualizing the tissues to be cut. For this, the Image Guided Laser Surgery Group of the Biomedical Optics Department at LZH has adapted an OCT imaging unit and equipped it with bespoke software, enabling it to image both the cutting of the eye and the laser beam delivery during the operation.

As a result the IKARUS team has successfully made the necessary cuts without damaging the fragile front or rear parts of the surrounding lens capsule, a promising step towards countering the presbyopia symptoms without complications. Further clinical studies are now in progress to examine this approach further.

Another focus of interest for IKARUS involves reaching much further into the eyeball, all the way to the retina. Vitreomacular adhesion is a condition in which the vitreous gel in the rear chamber of the eye adheres too strongly to the retina, creating an unhealthy pull on the sensitive cells and potentially causing ocular damage.

Treating these retinal adhesions has typically involved surgically draining the vitreous humour from the eye; but IKARUS is developing an alternative laser-based procedure.

The technique involves integrating adaptive optics into the femtosecond laser operation, allowing it to cut close to the retina with increased precision. First results from treatment of the retinas of pigs' eyes have established that the system can cut membranes located only a few hundred microns away from the retina, leaving the retina itself with no noticeable damage.

1 year ago

FDA Examines Laser Eye Surgery Complaints

A decade after it first approved devices for laser eye-correcting surgery, the Food and Drug Administration is taking a closer look at grievances from patients, including blurred vision and dry eyes.

An estimated 6 million Americans have undergone Lasik surgery, which permanently reshapes the cornea, a clear layer covering the eye. There are no guarantees of 20/20 vision and the long-term safety of the procedure is still unknown.

But the society of eye surgeons who perform Lasik says 95 percent of patients are satisfied with their results. The group is expected to tell regulators later this week that most side effects from Lasik surgery are rare and temporary.

FDA will hear from Lasik eye surgeons as well as disgruntled patients at a meeting Friday of its outside panel of eye experts.

The agency will ask the expert panel whether educational materials given to patients considering Lasik need to be changed or updated, according to documents posted to the agency's Web site Wednesday.

Regulators agreed to hold the meeting after years of complaints from a small group of patients who say their eyesight has been irreparably damaged by the surgery. The agency received 140 reports of Lasik-related problems between 1998 and 2006, according to an agency spokeswoman.

Dean Kantis, who is scheduled to speak Friday, says his vision has suffered since his Lasik surgery in 1998.

"My life is a blur," Kantis said. "When I look at a computer screen I see two pages; when I look up at the moon, I see three of them."

Double vision, night-vision disturbances and dry eye are among the side effects outlined in literature given to Lasik patients, but Kantis and others say physicians often gloss over the risks.

"Just before the procedure they shove the informed consent form in front of you, but you just sign it and no one reads the fine print," Kantis said.

An FDA spokeswoman pointed out the agency has no authority over how physicians handle patients. Regulators have agreed to work with the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery on a large-scale study of patients' quality of life after surgery.

Investors will be watching Friday's meeting to gauge what impact concerns could have on Lasik laser manufacturers, which San Diego Laser vision correction surgery include Advanced Medical Optics Inc., Alcon Inc., and Bausch and Lomb.

Analysts already expect Lasik procedures to decline 5 to 15 percent this year as economic conditions make the procedure, which costs between $1,500 and $5,000, less financially feasible for many consumers.

The industry's largest player, Advanced Medical Optics, cut its 2008 earnings outlook earlier this year on the expectation of fewer procedures.

But Wachovia analyst Larry Biegelsen said Friday's FDA meeting could prove beneficial for the industry if it shows patient outcomes are relatively positive.

In a note earlier this month, Biegelsen wrote that a new analysis of 2,200 Lasik patients should provide "a good defense" for companies and physicians. The results, which eye doctors will present Friday, show 95 percent of patients across 19 studies were satisfied with their vision following surgery.

Biegelsen rates Advanced Medical Optics "market perform."

Shares of Advanced Medical Optics Inc. fell 35 cents, or 1.7 percent, to $19.93 Wednesday while Alcon Inc. shares rose $1.74 to $153.30

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